Apartment list for Clarksville, TN-KY area

Community Name City Stu Eff 1-br 2-br 3-br 4-br 5-br Pool Pets
Jack Miller Blvd. Apartments Clarksville $665 Pets Allowed
Addison at Rossview Clarksville $875 $1,050 $1,250 Pets Allowed
Airport Road Apartments Clarksville
Alexander Blvd Condominiums Clarksville
Ash Ridge Townhomes Clarksville
Audrea Lane Townhomes Clarksville
Autumn Winds Clarksville Pets Allowed
Ballygar Townhomes Clarksville $650 Pets Allowed
Baltimore Drive Townhomes Clarksville
Bancroft Circle Apts. Clarksville No Pets Allowed
Bancroft Apartments Clarksville $495 No Pets Allowed
Bancroft Circle Rentals Clarksville
Barker Court Duplex-Style Homes Fort Campbell
Batts Lane Rentals Clarksville $420 No Pets Allowed
Beels Subdivision Duplexes Clarksville
Belle Parc Apartments Clarksville $995 $1,195 Pets Allowed
Bennett Drive Apartments Clarksville
Blue Grass Meadows Apartments Clarksville $575 $650 $700 No Pets Allowed
Bogard Lane Townhomes Clarksville
Britton Springs Apartments Clarksville $350 Pets Allowed
Byers and Harvey Rental Homes Clarksville
Campbell Crossing Apartments Fort Campbell Pets Allowed
Canterbury Residences Hopkinsville $575 Pets Allowed
Cedar Creek Duplexes Hopkinsville $625
Charlotte Street Townhomes Clarksville
Clarksville Corp. Housing & Furnished Apartments Clarksville
Clarksville Corporate Housing Clarksville
Cobalt Drive Apartments Clarksville
Cobblestone Clarksville $525 No Pets Allowed
Cole Park Single Family Homes Fort Campbell
Concord Village Apartments Clarksville
Countryview Estates Oak Grove
Coyote Court Apts and Townhomes Clarksville $625 Pets Allowed
Coyote Court Townhomes Clarksville $650
Cranklen Drive Apartments Clarksville
Cumberland Ridge Apartments Clarksville $760 $990 $1,090 Pets Allowed
Drennan Park Duplexes Fort Campbell
Dunbar Cave Clarksville $510 Pets Allowed
Dunbar Cave Apartments & Towhomes Clarksville $510 Pets Allowed
Durrett Village Apartments Clarksville $695 $545 No Pets Allowed
Durrett Village Town Homes Clarksville $695 No Pets Allowed
Eagles Crest at Wallace Clarksville Pets Allowed
Edgewood Mobile Homes Oak Grove
Ellsworth Drive Duplexes Clarksville
Fox Hollow Duplexes Clarksville $945 $1,075 Pets Allowed
Gardner Hills Townhomes Fort Campbell
Gateway Village Clarksville $725 No Pets Allowed
Golf Club Lane Apartments Clarksville
Governor's Crossing Condominiums Clarksville
Governors Grounds Clarksville
Governors Townhomes Clarksville
Great Oaks I Hopkinsville $650 No Pets Allowed
Harper Village Fort Campbell
Harrier Court Apartment Homes Clarksville
Heritage Pointe Apartments & Townhomes Clarksville $600 $675 No Pets Allowed
Hickory Trace Townhomes Clarksville
High Street Apartments Hopkinsville $395
Highland Park Apartments Clarksville $645 No Pets Allowed
Highland Park Townhomes Clarksville
Horizon Rental Homes Clarksville
Hunter Hill Apartments Clarksville
Jack Miller Blvd Apartments Clarksville $595 No Pets Allowed
Keystone Realty & Management Clarksville
Kingsbury Road Apartments Clarksville
Landings Townhomes Clarksville Clarksville $575 $685 $875 No Pets Allowed
Lansinger Lane Apartments Clarksville
LaPointe Village Apartment Homes Fort Campbell
Lee Park Single Family Homes Fort Campbell
Lexington Drive Apartments Clarksville
Mace Apartments Oak Grove
Main Street Apartments Clarksville $550 No Pets Allowed
Martha Lane Clarksville $515 Pets Allowed
Martha Lane Townhomes Clarksville $475
Maureen Drive Apartments Clarksville
McClure Street Town Homes Clarksville $1,200 No Pets Allowed
McCormick Lane Townhomes Clarksville
Meadowbrook Subdivision Clarksville
Memorial Drive Apartments Clarksville
Metro Villa Clarksville
Miller Town Apartments Clarksville $558 $646 Pets Allowed
Needmore Townhomes Clarksville No Pets Allowed
Newton Place Apartments Oak Grove $525 $625 $675 No Pets Allowed
Nice Home - 3 BR and Office Hopkinsville
North First Street Condos Clarksville
North Second Street Apartments Clarksville
Northeast Drive Apartments Clarksville
Northridge Drive Townhomes Clarksville
Northway Drive Apartments Clarksville
Northwoods Apartments Complex Clarksville $610 Pets Allowed
Old Hopkinsville Apartments Clarksville $350
Old Hopkinsville Hwy Clarksville $350
Old Russellville Pike Apartments Clarksville $510 Pets Allowed
Paradise Hill Road Apartments Clarksville
Parc at Clarksville Clarksville $855 $995 $1,105 Pets Allowed
Parkway Place Apartments Clarksville $525 $600 No Pets Allowed
Patriot Park Court Townhomes Clarksville $1,050
Peabody Drive Townhomes Clarksville
Peachers Mill Court Clarksville $825
Peachers Ridge Townhomes Clarksville
Pembroke Townhomes Oak Grove
Pierce Village Townhomes Fort Campbell
Professional Park Townhomes Clarksville $825 Pets Allowed
Promontory Lane Condominiums Clarksville
Providence Place Apartments Clarksville
Raleigh Drive Townhomes Clarksville
Raleigh Station Townhomes Clarksville No Pets Allowed
Ravenwood Apartments Hopkinsville $395 No Pets Allowed
Regency Park Clarksville $695 $795 $895 Pets Allowed
Regency Square Apartments Clarksville $595 $695 $855 Pets Allowed
Ringgold Park Town Homes Clarksville $650 $750 Pets Allowed
Robb Avenue Apartments Clarksville
Rudolph Drive Apartments Clarksville
Ryder Ave Apartments Clarksville $425 Pets Allowed
Sandifer Property Rental Homes Hopkinsville
Senior Leadership Community Fort Campbell
Solid Rock Court Duplexes Clarksville Pets Allowed
Sonoma Ridge at Fairview Clarksville $795
South First Street Condos Clarksville
Spring Meadows Oak Grove
Spring Meadows Apartments Oak Grove
Spring Meadows Rental Homes Oak Grove
SpringWater Drive Townhomes Clarksville
Stafford Street Townhomes Clarksville
Stateline Apartments Oak Grove $525 No Pets Allowed
Stone Gate Subdivision Clarksville $995 $1,195 Pets Allowed
Stowe Court Townhomes Clarksville $925 Pets Allowed
Stryker Village Fort Campbell
Syracuse Drive Town Homes Clarksville $650 No Pets Allowed
Terminal Road Apartments Clarksville $550 No Pets Allowed
The Bluffs over Cumberland Clarksville $525 $630 Pets Allowed
The Campbell House Apartments Clarksville
The Commons at Pierce Fort Campbell
The Fountains at Meadow Wood Clarksville $849 $989 Pets Allowed
The Laurel Cove Hopkinsville $450 No Pets Allowed
The Lofts on 2nd Condominiums Clarksville
The Renaissance at Peachers Mill Apartments Clarksville $905 $1,070 $1,265 Pets Allowed
The Reserve at Royster Townhomes Clarksville $650 No Pets Allowed
The Village Commons at Hammond Heights Fort Campbell
The Waterford Landings Clarksville Pets Allowed
The Woodlands Apartments Fort Campbell
Thermal Court Townhomes Clarksville No Pets Allowed
Tower Drive Apartments Clarksville $495 $595 Pets Allowed
Trenton Village Apartments Clarksville $650 $750 Pets Allowed
Turn Row Drive Condominiums Clarksville
Turner Loop Fort Campbell
Water's Edge Apartments Clarksville $525
Waterbury Apartments Clarksville $570 $585 $665 $850 Pets Allowed
Waters Edge Townhomes Clarksville
Werner Park Duplexes Fort Campbell
Whispering Hills Apartments Oak Grove $525 No Pets Allowed
Whitman Crossing TH's Clarksville No Pets Allowed
Winters Court Clarksville
Woody Lane Condos Clarksville $875 Pets Allowed